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The Trials of Odysseus Kent
Odysseus Kent is a mysterious 19 years old treasure hunter. He have jet black hair and no skin pigment. Right now, he wants to find Lost Treasure of Randolph McBoing, but the priest won't let him dig in the cimetery. But he will do everything to get access to the burial site!
Out of Order
Hurford loves music and animal slippers. During one night, caugh in a big storm, he gets transported to a mysterious world, where the citizens are a little weird. Out of Order, is one of the great free adventure rpg games, it features funny dialogues and challenging puzzles.
A Better Mousetrap
Davy and Elandra are stuck in an alien World. Did one of Davy's spell backfire? Is the problem Elandra's new invention? It doesn't matter much, right now, you need to find a way back home. You will be able to control the two characters that are both on one side of the canyon.
5 Days a Stranger
In this free horror adventure rpg game, the master cat burglar Trilby have a hard time to get the loot when trying to break in an ancient manor. Instead of getting what he is looking for, he ends up traped in the ancient manor with complete stranger and have to find a way out.
7 Days a Skeptik
Almost 400 years have passed since what we'll remember as the DeFoe Manor "incident" where a mysterious cat burglar put an end to the manor malediction. Mankind has moved away from mother earth and danger and mysteries await the crew of the Mephistopheles space ship.

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