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Free Medieval rpgs:

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Ahriman's Prophecy Ahriman's Prophecy
In this very popular free medieval rpg game, you are sent on a mission to learn more about the Ahriman's Prophecy. You will have to use your magic powers, find allies and battle dangerous monsters to be able to stop the Prophecy in time.

caverns of drow Caverns of the Drow
You have no map, no food and no idea how you ended up there. The only thing that might save you is your short sword. Will you be able to find your way out and eventually escape from the Caverns of the Drow?

medieval games quest Dark Quest
In this fantasy game you control a hero and a party of 4 men. You fight monsters using spells and weapons through different levels and sceneries. This game features many genre, like action, strategy and role play.

Heroine Iysayana Heroine Iysayana - Trilogy
This is an other very popular medieval role playing game. You play in a fantasy world full of monsters and dangers in this three chapter game. All chapters are included in the download package.

Last hope magic Last Hope of Magic
What was a peaceful life changed quite fast when you learned that you had a connection with a wizard that just passed out. You will end up on a quest to kill a very, very evil guy named Bren.

legends of thantil Legends of Thantil
In this short game you play as Javez, a young man who is sent to a mercenery camp. The war is raging out there and even if it's still far, you will live many dangers in this short rpg game.

mirkwood fantasy Mirkwood
Your mission is to find an hidden dragon. Based on the universe of Tolkien, you will have to brave many dangers in hope of locating that long lost creature.
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